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Our Vision

At HBT, we envision a nation where every talent, regardless of their background, age, or circumstances, has the opportunity to thrive and be celebrated. We believe that India's true potential lies in its incredible talents, waiting to be discovered and nurtured.
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Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to recognize, empower, and showcase talents across 150 diverse categories. We provide a platform for talents to flourish, connect with mentors and experts, compete in prestigious competitions, and access transformative workshops and programs.

Why Choose HBT?

Diverse Talent Categories

HBT embraces talents in various fields, from arts and sciences to sports and social service. Whatever your passion, we've got a category.

Recognition and Awards

Stand in the spotlight and receive the recognition you deserve. HBT offers a range of awards and categories to celebrate your unique talent.

Skill Development

Access SkillForge workshops and TalentLab programs to enhance your skills and reach new heights in your chosen field.

Community & Collaboration

Join a thriving talent community where collaboration and mentorship are key. Connect with mentors, fellow talents, and partners.

Support and Empowerment

Through our SupportTalents crowdfunding platform, you can seek financial support for your projects and aspirations.

Our Impact

HBT is more than a platform; it's a movement. We measure our success by the stories of talents whose lives we've touched. From young innovators to seasoned artists, we've empowered talents of all ages and backgrounds.

Join the HBT Journey

Whether you're an emerging talent ready to shine or an individual passionate about nurturing talents, there's a place for you at HBT. Join us in this extraordinary journey of talent discovery, development, and celebration.

Together, we'll continue to redefine what's possible when talents are recognized, supported, and given the opportunity to soar. Welcome to HBT, where talents find their true potential and dreams take flight. Source Title